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Tag: after effects cc 2014 tutorial

EVF Tutorial – Replace Layer Shortcut in Adobe After Effects

This tutorial is on how to replace a layer in Adobe After Effects. I’ll show you a simple shortcut that’ll keep all the properties of a layer when you replace it.

Question of the Week: Do you listen to music when you edit? If so, who do you listen to? My answer is in the comments on YouTube!

Below are useful links related to the tutorial:

Reach out to me if you have any questions on this tutorial or anything else Adobe After Effects or post production-related. I’m here to help you emotionally, mentally and technically as a video editor.

EVF Tutorial – Make Clip Black and White in Adobe After Effects

This week’s tutorial is on how to change a clip to black and white and how to keyframe a clip from color to black and white in Adobe After Effects.

Question of the Week #1: What effects do you combine with black and white clips?

Question of the Week #2: This question is just for those who watch my tutorials on the website and not on YouTube! What genre do you want to edit in that you never have before? My answer is in the comments!