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Tag: media composer markers

EVF Tutorial – Markers in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial is on how to use Markers in Avid Media Composer.

You’ll learn what Markers are, how to add them, how to edit them, how to jump between them and more.

Below are useful links related to the tutorial:

Reach out to me if you have any questions on this tutorial or anything else Avid Media Composer, video or post production-related. I’m here to help you emotionally, mentally and technically as a video editor.

Using Locators for Revisions


Before we go any further, I know they are now called markers in Media Composer. They are called markers in After Effects too. I don’t know what they’re called in Premiere (I can assume markers) and I have no clue if they even exist in FCPX. I like to call them locators, okay?

In ~2009 I remember repeatedly being told to “digitize” a tape even though the correct term was “capture.” The person was still stuck in his ways and I judged him. In hindsight I was wrong to think so negativity of him. Maybe I’m reaching that point in my life (I don’t think so; I think and hope I’ll always adapt and adopt with ease). Regardless, for today, I call them locators. And they can play a crucial role in post production workflows.

I use them for a variety of reasons but mostly for revisions. In this post I’ll cover what locators are, how I use them in my revision workflow and some tricks when using them.

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