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Tag: rough cut

Over the Editor’s Shoulder: Part II


Hey! Last week I started documenting my journey through a new freelance video project I’m working on. You can find Part I here. This is Part II of Over the Editor’s Shoulder and it will chronicle my progress, struggles, successes and more over the past week for this project.

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Swoopers vs. Bashers

There are only two methods of editing. Which one do you use? Find out what they are and decide…are you a Swooper or a Basher?

Are you a Swooper or a Basher?

Are you a Swooper or a Basher?

Before leaving for vacation I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast. He was interviewing Rolf Potts and they discussed author Kurt Vonnegut’s concept of “Swoopers and Bashers” when it comes to writing. This idea states that writers can only write in one of two ways: by swooping or by bashing. I believe the same theory can and should be applied to video editing too.

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