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The Video Editor’s Digest | Edition #36

Hey there and welcome back to The Video Editor’s Digest!

In case you’ve forgotten or if you’re new around here, in the Video Editor’s Digest I, Josh from Edit Video Faster, give you the lowdown on some cool happenings from around the internet on things related to video editing, video production, or just being a creative professional. It also gives me a chance to update you about new pieces on the EVF website/YouTube channel and tell you any freelance or work stories I may have. Let’s get started!

Quick Tip!

In After Effects use Cmd+Shift+E (Mac) | Ctrl+Shift+E (PC) to remove all effects on a selected layer.

Create Cool Liquid Text in After Effects

Dope Motions came out with a pretty sweet tutorial on how to create liquid-looking text in After Effects. No plug-ins are required either. The tutorial runs 17 minutes, which is longer than I’ll typically sit and watch, but it’s always interesting to see how others work in the programs that you also work in.

Check out the Liquid Text tutorial here (link is to YouTube = autoplays)

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Change Color of One Letter in After Effects

This tutorial teaches how to change the color of just one letter or word in a line of text in After Effects.

I show you two ways to change the color of text in After Effects. The first way is for static, one-time change of a color. The second way is to change the color over time (aka keyframing it).

Check out a previous tutorial I made that shows how to do this for an entire line of text here.

Music used in this video, “Upper East Side” by Mikey Geiger, was purchased and licensed through my friends at Soundstripe (affiliate link). For 10% off a subscription use the code EVF at checkout.

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– Josh