How to Adjust Volume in Premiere Pro CC

This tutorial will teach you how to adjust volume in Premiere Pro CC. Audio in Premiere Pro can be changed a couple of different ways. I’ll show you how to change the audio levels through the Effect Controls Panel, by clicking on the clip in the timeline, and by using keyboard shortcuts.

I started editing in Premiere Pro with version CC 2015. And the process hasn’t changed since then. So no matter what version of Premiere Pro CC you’re working in, how to adjust the volume will be 99.9% identical at the time of this writing.

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Import Image Sequence into Premiere Pro

This tutorial will teach you how to easily import an image sequence into Premiere Pro.

To make sure you’re in the right place, an image sequence is a bunch of image files — .psd, .jpg, .png, .tif — that are numbered sequentially. They’ll typically be placed inside a folder by themselves as each image in the image sequence equals one frame of video.

The files end in a number and each file in the image sequence is one number higher than the rest. For example, EVF_00000.psdEVF_00001.psd, and EVF_00002.psd. They all combine and act as a video inside Premiere Pro. And what you’re trying to do is import this image sequence into Premiere Pro. Does that sound like what you’re trying to do? Great! Read on.

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Easily Change the Duration of a Video Clip in Premiere Pro

This article is on how to change the duration or length of a video clip in Premiere Pro. It’s very simple to do. This tutorial will introduce you to Premiere Pro’s Speed/Duration Tool, the Rate Stretch Tool, and will even show you how to reverse a clip so it plays backwards.

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How to Add or Delete Tracks from Premiere Pro in Seconds

This article is on how to add or delete tracks in Premiere Pro. It’s super simple to do. I show you a ridiculously quick way to add tracks. Then I walk you through how to add and delete specific tracks in Premiere Pro.

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Simply Scale and Resize a Video Clip or Image in Premiere Pro

This article is on how to simply scale and resize a video clip or image in Premiere Pro. You’ll learn how to scale your clips in a couple easy steps. You will also learn how to keyframe the scale property so you can resize a video clip or image over time in Premiere Pro.

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Simple Bin Organization Strategies in Premiere Pro

This article is on simple bin organization strategies and techniques in Premiere Pro. It shows how I set up my bins and their sub-bins for virtually every type of editing project I do. These are easy solutions to bin organization you can use in your own Premiere Pro editing projects.

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