One-on-One Avid Media Composer Coaching

Coaching is live one-on-one training on Avid Media Composer on the topics you want to learn about, improve on and master.

A training session is 1 hour. In that session you’ll have your own custom lesson plan built by me personally. I’ll teach then have you practice. Any questions you have along the way I’ll answer. The lesson will end with you walking through the concepts covered during the hour to prove that you comprehended the material and are confident to start using these skills on your own.

There is no minimum sessions to purchase, contracts or anything like that at all. This is convenient, friendly, personal and completely custom training designed for you to master the skills you want to master.

How do I design training that’s just for you?

Before we begin training we’ll meet for 10-15 minutes over Skype or Google Hangouts (whatever is easiest for you). We’ll chat about what you’re looking to learn, why you want to learn these concepts and how was can measure your improvement. After that I’ll design a lesson plan just for you. I’ve been creating Media Composer courses and teaching fellow editors it for years now. I can take my experience and shape a plan specifically for your goals. All of this pre-production work is 100% free.

At this point we’ll meet one more time to look over the gameplan. We’ll make sure we’re on the same page with everything you want to learn and how I’ll teach it to you. Then we’ll find a time(s) to start our training sessions!

How much does this cost?

Each session is 1 hour and costs $75.

If we have more than 4 sessions the price decreases to $65 per session.

Payment is super simple, low-stress and via PayPal.

What do people have to say?

“Coming out of school having never touched another editing software other than Final Cut, sitting down in front of Avid’s Media Composer was a little daunting! But Josh made it incredibly easy to learn. After some guidance on organization and workflows, he taught me the basics and I was creating projects on my own in no time. Whenever I had a question, he would try to let me work it out in my head and then suggest a more efficient way to achieve the desired result – he’s an editing wiz! Literally, I think he knows everything about Media Composer! He has so much knowledge to share and seemingly pulls teaching moments out of his back pocket because I’ll walk away from conversations not even knowing I basically just had a mini lesson! He teaches in a way that is manageable, so it’s not overwhelming, and you’ll ultimately feel more confident in yourself as an editor.” – Alison

“Josh is not only a great editor, he’s a great teacher. He was hugely instrumental in allowing me to get back on my feet with Avid Media Composer. Already having a decent amount of familiarity with Avid, I was able to work with Josh and customize our lesson plans with deliberate content that I felt I needed. Josh, of course, is well-versed with anything Avid related and could tackle any problem or question I threw at him with great clarity. I would recommend Josh to ANY editor, young or old, and would expect them to learn a great deal.” – Zach

Is this for me?

Okay, there is one catch to this whole thing. Coaching with me might not be for you. Or, what you want to learn might not be for me. And that’s completely cool.

After we do our initial meet to discuss what you want to learn and I start building your program I’ll know whether or not I’m the right fit to teach you these skills. If you want to edit VR videos I’m not your teacher because I’ve never worked with them before. But if you want to learn trimming techniques or bin organization or how to cleanup media in a project then I’m the person for you. I will be 100% honest in my ability to teach you skills.

How do we start?!

I want to make you the best editor you can be. The fastest way to get there is through one-on-one coaching together. To begin all you have to do is fill out the form below and let me know what you’re interested in learning about. I’ll get back to you within a day or two and we’ll set up a time to meet to discuss. It’s that simple.

Fill out the form below and let’s get started!