Ultimate List of Avid Media Composer Resources

Are you looking for resources dedicated to Avid Media Composer? You’re in the right place. Below is an organized list of websites, forums, YouTubers, blogs, social media accounts, and more resources all related to Avid Media Composer.

This list will evolve and grow. Bookmark it so you can come back later or whenever you are looking for an answer when you’re cutting in Avid Media Composer.

If you have Avid Media Composer resources of your own or ones you use, please leave a comment below or send me a message through my Contact Page so I can add it to the list. On with the resources!

Websites About Avid Media Composer

Avid Websites


Avid is the parent company of Media Composer. This is their website. On this website you can get the Media Composer software, find the help Forums (these are also posted below), and find additional news and resources related to Media Composer and Avid’s other products.

Link to Avid.com

Avid Media Composer Guides from Avid

Below are links to the Editing Guide for Media Composer version 2020. This guide walks you through anything and everything you need to know about the software. But it’s a software manual so it won’t necessarily give you those real world examples that you can find in other resources below. I’m a HUGE believer in reading this though.

Check out how I learned Avid in this short video and article

The other link is for the rest of Media Composer’s ReadMe’s, other versions’ guides, and other various documentation. All are good to get familiar with if you’re going to be in charge of keeping the software up-to-date and troubleshooting issues with MC.

Link to Avid Media Composer Editing Guide v.2020

Link to Avid Media Composer ReadMe’s, User Guides, and other Documentation


AvidBlogs is, well, Avid’s blogs related to their products and fun stuff around the video and audio industries. I’ve even had a couple articles on there

Link to AvidBlogs

Avid Media Composer Forums

Avid’s Forums

The Avid Forums Homepage drops you off at the hub of all the different forums associated with Media Composer and adjacent software by Avid. Mac, PC, and Media Composer | First specific forums are listed below as well.

Link to Avid Forums Homepage

Link to Avid Media Composer Forums for Mac Users

Link to Avid Media Composer Forums for PC Users

Link to Avid Media Composer | First Forums

Creative Cow Avid Media Composer Forums

While not as robust or as clean as Avid’s forums, Creative Cow has a large forum for Media Composer (and literally every other editing software as well). The forums go back years. And sometimes you can find some gems and answers you never would think would be there in a post from like 2011. Warning: There are typically annoying ads when you first go to these forums.

Link to Creative Cow Avid Media Composer Forums

Link to all Creative Cow Forums

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Blogs about Avid Media Composer

Edit Video Faster

Oh, hey! That’s this website. If you’re not aware, Edit Video Faster (EVF) has a ton of Avid Media Composer goodies. Check out the Avid Media Composer section of the Archive page for a complete listing. There’s tutorials, real-world workflow examples, quizzes, an exam, and more.

The cornerstone of the Avid Media Composer content on EVF is the Mastering Avid Media Composer’s Keyboard Shortcuts Series. This series teaches you virtually every keyboard shortcut in Media Composer and what the shortcut does.

Link to the EVF Blog

Link to sign up to receive email updates from EVF

ProVideo Coalition

ProVideo Coalition (PVC) is one of those broad video industry websites with news and thoughts from many different voices. There are many articles related to Avid Media Composer.

Link to ProVideo Coalition

Always Editing

Always Editing is editor Chris Bové’s showcase website. But it contains what may be the most important bit of information on the internet for an Avid editor. Chris keeps an up-to-date list of versions of Avid Media Composer and their OS compatibility. Are you thinking about upgrading your OS or version of Media Composer? Always, always check this website first.

It has saved me from making a critical upgrade mistake at least a half dozen times. Thank you for this, Chris.

Link to Current Avid Media Composer Versions Page on Always Editing

Frame.io’s Blog

Frame.io’s blog is your source for in-depth editing articles, including many for Avid Media Composer. I’ve been fortunate to contribute to their publication a few times now.

Link to Frame.io’s Blog

Link to Troubleshooting Tips in Avid Media Composer Article (I wrote this one 😉)

YouTube Channels, Tutorials and Courses About Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer YouTubers and YouTube Channels

Edit Video Faster YouTube Channel

The Edit Video Faster YouTube Channel contains short, to-the-point tutorials on Avid Media Composer and other video editing software. Recently I’ve been putting out some vlogs as well on thoughts about being a video editor.

Link to Edit Video Faster’s YouTube Channel

Link to All Avid Media Composer Tutorials on Edit Video Faster’s YouTube Channel

Avid YouTube Channel

This is Avid’s official YouTube Channel. It has tutorials, interviews, panels, and more. There’s also a lot of Pro Tools stuff as well you’ll have to sift through.

Link to Avid’s YouTube Channel

Let’s Edit with Avid Media Composer YouTube Channel

Let’s Edit with Avid Media Composer YouTube Channel contains tons and tons of tutorials by Kevin P McAuliffe. There’s a lot of great, long tutorials here. Beginners and advanced MC editors can definitely learn from these.

Link to Let’s Edit with Avid Media Composer’s YouTube Channel

Michael Kammes YouTube Channel

Michael Kammes is the host of the 5 THINGS Tech Series. His YouTube Channel is full of information and insights on all things post including tons of Avid-related content.

Link to Michael Kammes’ YouTube Channel

To The Point Tutorials YouTube Channel

To The Point Tutorials has 50 or so short (2ish minute) tutorials on small things in Media Composer. You won’t see a comprehensive look at a feature but you’ll be able to learn a lot of basics for many tools in MC.

Link to To The Point Tutorials YouTube Channel

Genius DV YouTube Channel

Over the past decade the Genius DV YouTube Channel has been creating tutorials. While you won’t find many new Media Composer tutorials, there’s still quite a bit you can learn from the oldies in here.

Link to the Genius DV YouTube Channel


The AvidBeer YouTube Channel by Brian Thomas is relatively new, having only been around for a year at the time of this initial writing. Most tutorials run around 5 minutes and Brian interjects good reasoning behind why he uses Media Composer the way he does. And, much to my liking, he tries at all times to edit video faster.

Link to the AvidBeer YouTube Channel


Avid’s Tutorial Library

Avid has a library of official Media Composer tutorials.

Link to Avid’s official Media Composer tutorials

Avid Media Composer Courses


Ashley Kennedy’s Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training is a must-watch if you’re learning Media Composer and have a Lynda.com account. Despite it being a few years old, it’s still very relevant. As a reminder, Lynda.com is free through many libraries. Check with your local library to see if they’re part of their program.

Lynda.com has other Media Composer courses too but I can only vouch for the MC 8 Essential Training one since it’s the only one I’ve taken.

Link to the Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training course on Lynda.com

Avid Media Composer Social Media Accounts

Twitter Accounts

The following is a list of Twitter Accounts for Avid Media Composer:

Facebooks Groups

The following is a list of Facebook Groups for Avid Media Composer:


The following is a list of Instagram accounts for Avid Media Composer: 


The following is a list of Podcasts about or related to Avid Media Composer:

Thank you so much for visiting this page on Avid Media Composer Resources. If you have something to add, please leave a comment below or submit it via the Contact Page.

Happy editing! 😉

– Josh

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