Everyday Video Editing Terms Guide

The world of video editing can be a scary place if you are new to it. This guide will walk you through some everyday video editing terms and concepts that will be useful for any new editor.

This is not a comprehensive guide by any stretch of the imagination and is not meant to replace traditional training. This is a supplemental, super high-level guide and hopefully a step in the right direction for anyone new to video editing.

A Short Guide for Common Terms Video Editors Should Know

Sample of the Everyday Video Editing Terms Guide
(This is just a sample! Get the guide below.)

The guide is a 1-page PDF and contains information about the most popular video editing programs, defines common transitions, explains jargon and other video industry-specific terms, and gives you a handful of essential pro tips for video editing.

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This is the first of what I plan to be many more guides. No joke, I had a blast putting it together. Lately “fun” and “content creation” have not been associated with each other for me. But an idea hit me, a Canva design caught my attention, and I ran with it. Now I have grand ideas for more and more guides like this one. If you’d like to stick around and be part of the Edit Video Faster community, go here to sign up to get notified about these new guides and other happenings in and around EVF.

I truly hope you enjoy this Everyday Video Editing Terms Guide. If you have thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc. leave me a note in the comments!

– Josh

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