Video Project Organizer

If you’re a video professional, you need a Video Project Organizer. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “An hour in pre-production saves two in post.” Well, I made a free tool to help save time for your next project.

The tool is a Video Project Organizer (unique name, huh?). It’s a template to be filled in for each project during pre-production. It gives you and/or your team a place to reference all the key information about a project. And it makes sure you get answers to important questions when you’re sitting down to edit the piece.

What topics are in the Video Project Organizer?

The VPO covers all the vital information for a video project. A handful of the topics are:

  • Who is the audience
  • What is the message being conveyed
  • Who is the client
  • Who is the director, producer, DP, editor, etc.
  • What is the timeline for the project
  • What are the technical and delivery specs
  • When and where the filming is taking place
  • What is the file naming convention

What kind of file is the Video Project Organizer?

The VPO is a .docx file. Since it’s a .docx file it can be used in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs.

Is it really free?

Just like my other recent guides it’s 100% free. Just type in “0” under the Name a fair price: section.

But if you’re feeling generous and want to send a beer my way, you can always do that by typing in a number other than 0 in this spot as well. I’d be super grateful and will add you to my Supporters Page (only if you’d like to be added!).

I truly hope you find the Video Project Organizer helpful. If you have thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc. leave me a note in the comments!

– Josh

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