Pop or Jump a Layer in After Effects

This tutorial teaches you how to pop or jump a layer in After Effects. Usually you’ll probably want a layer to gradually move across the screen or scale or rotate or whatever. Instead, what if you want this value change to happen instantaneously? Can you do this easily using Hold keyframes. Let me show you how!

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The One Habit I’m Focusing on to be a Better Editor in 2023

This article discusses the one habit I’m focusing on to become a better video editor in 2023. I’ll dive into what makes a good habit, some examples of my own good and bad habits, and what I’ll be doing the next 365 days.

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Transcription and Captioning Basics in Premiere Pro

This tutorial teaches you all the basics for transcription and captioning your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. You may want to make captions for YouTube or various other reasons and it’s simple to do in Premiere.

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Solved: After Effects Won’t RAM Preview Whole Composition

This tutorial teaches you how to fix After Effects when it won’t or will not RAM Preview or play the whole Composition.

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Remove Border on All Cells in Apple Numbers

This tutorial teaches you how to easily remove the border that appears on all cells, which are called Gridlines, in Apple Numbers.

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Easily Change Duration (Length) of a Clip in After Effects

This tutorial teaches you how to easily change the duration or length of a video or audio clip in After Effects.

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How to Use Play Length in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial will teach you how to and why you would want to use Play Length in Avid Media Composer.

Play Length is a feature you can enable in Avid Media Composer that helps your computer out when you have a complicated sequence or it’s just running slow. There’s a hundred things you can do when you’re computer is slow to help it out and this is one of them when you are running Avid Media Composer. This video and article walk you through enabling and setting up Play Length. We dive into the Console so it may not be for someone who is on Day #1 in Avid. If you are or if even if you aren’t, please leave a comment if you’re having any issues. Let’s get into it!

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Copy an Effect Between Clips in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial will teach you how to copy and paste an effect from one clip onto another in Avid Media Composer.

It is super unintuitive. I’ll show you what to do, how to save an effect in a bin for use later, and provide a couple key points to remember when working with keyframes.

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Remove All In and Out Points from Clips in Bin in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily remove all In Points and Out Points from a group of clips inside a bin in Avid Media Composer.

Have you ever had a ton of shots in a bin that you’ve already marked In Points and Out Points for? And then for whatever reason you want to remove them? Instead of going in one by one in the Source Monitor and removing them, there’s a much faster and simpler way to do this.

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