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Jayasri (Joyce) Hart, Hartfilms

Mo Yousef

Carlton Wade

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Friends of EVF

Below is a list of people and businesses that have helped me and Edit Video Faster along the way. This list is in no way complete or in any order. Thank you to everyone that has ever helped me or will help me. I hope I can continue to share my knowledge with others looking to create meaningful, creative work.

Brick with my family's name on it (The Shorts)


My wife… who puts up with me blogging and vlogging and tossing and turning at night when I have an idea in my head for this little website I won’t stop working on

My parents… who did literally everything for me. Thank you.

Peyton (my pup)… who fills me with joy every day when I walk in the door. You don’t have to dilly-dally so much on our walks though 🙄

My sister… who gave me the crazy idea to become a SMAD major

The rest of my crazy large family… you all are amazing and fill me with energy and love

Picture of Peyton, my dog :)

Friends & Other Humans 🙂

Ben, Lynsey, Brad, Jeff & Mere… thanks for putting up with me when I bail on plans because the keyboard gets the better of me

Nick Montgomery… thanks for being the best podcast co-host I could ever ask for

John Woody… thank you for taking a chance on a less-than-stellar student and getting me my first job in “the biz”

Alison… thanks for being the best assistant editor and office-mate ever

Rhonda Thain… thanks for being our go-to guest podcast co-host and huge supporter from the very beginning

Rachel Bastarache Bogan… thanks for being someone I can nerd out with about Getting Things Done

Joe Vallero… thanks for being someone I know I could always chat baseball with whenever I need it

I know there are many, many more names that need to be on this list.

Avid Media Composer Keyboard


Command+Edit Podcast




Premiere Bro


Thank you to every single person who has supported me throughout the years. I and Edit Video Faster would not be here without you.

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With love and appreciation,