How to Learn Avid Media Composer

This video discusses how to learn Avid Media Composer the way I did. It’s still the method I recommend today some 11 years later.

How I Learned Avid Media Composer

Here’s the recap of what I discussed:

It was a long, but fast route. To get up-to-speed with Media Composer took me around two months. I did this by reading Avid’s 500-600ish page user manual (link is below!).

Each night I would read one or two chapters. I would sticky note it and jot down notes on paper. The next day I’d go into the office and practice the concepts I read about the night before.

Often times I’d spend the next day in the office focused on just a couple small skills at a time, not necessarily entire chapters of knowledge. An example would be spending a day or half a day just experimenting around with patching tracks from the source side to the record side. Turning on and off auto-patching and seeing what that does. Trying out keyboard shortcuts turning on and off tracks and seeing how auto-patching reacts. Those sort of things.

It wasn’t an enjoyable experience. However it made me more confident and a stronger editor because I knew every possible action Media Composer could do because it’s all in the manual. And I read the whole darn thing. Friends, that is how to learn Avid Media Composer.

Links Discussed in the Video and Article

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