Remove Border on All Cells in Apple Numbers

This tutorial teaches you how to easily remove the border that appears on all cells, which are called Gridlines, in Apple Numbers.

Removing Gridlines from All Cells Apple Numbers

When you export a PDF from Apple Numbers the borders around the cells appear. This looks bad in my humble opinion, especially if you are exporting an invoice like I am in the tutorial video. There is a quick and easy way to remove the border on the cells in Apple Numbers. These borders are called Gridlines.

PDF exported from Apple Numbers with borders on all cells
Let’s get rid of all these cell borders

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To remove the Gridlines go to the Format tab. In the Format tab go to the Table tab. Then towards the bottom of the Table tab find the Gridlines section. The first two buttons on the left below the Gridlines title need to be turned off. Boom. The border on all the cells disappear in the Apple Numbers document.

Depending on what you are doing you may want to adjust the Table Outline. You can change the border thickness and color in this section (it’s directly above the Gridlines section).

Apple Numbers with Format and Table tabs open
Go to Format then Table then find Gridlines
Gridlines section in Apple Numbers
Turn off the two icons under the word Gridlines
Apple Numbers with no borders on cells
And, done! The borders from all the cells are now removed.

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– Josh

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