Rename Project in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial teaches you how to rename a project in Avid Media Composer. In this quick lesson we’ll create a project, find the project files on your hard drive then change the name of the project.

Recapping Tutorial on How to Rename Project in Avid Media Composer

Create a New Project

Renaming a project in Avid Media Composer isn’t the most straight-forward process. There’s a handful of steps involved.

Let’s create a new project so we’re starting fresh. Launch Avid Media Composer then click New Project. I called my project Rename This Project in the video so let’s stick with that. The format doesn’t matter for what we’re doing in this example. When ready click OK.

By default Avid Media Composer puts the Avid Projects inside of Documents then inside an Avid Projects folder. I don’t recommend this as it’s not very intuitive. It’s also recommended that you keep your Avid Projects separate from your Media drives. I do this as well. For my home system, I keep an Avid Projects folder tucked away in a special spot on my local hard drive. I backup this folder often. Here’s a write-up I did on a simple backup and archiving plan for my friends at Screenlight.

Renaming the Project

As I mentioned, renaming an Avid project is not intuitive. Quit out of Avid. Let me repeat — QUIT OUT OF AVID. Do not have Avid Media Composer open while renaming a project.

Navigate in Finder (Mac) or Computer (PC) to the Avid Projects folder. Again, by default it will be under Documents > Avid Projects. Find the project’s folder you want to rename. Change the name of this folder to what you want the new name to be. But wait! You’re not done yet.

If you were to launch Avid Media Composer you’ll see the name has not changed yet. Quit out of Avid again.

Go into the Avid project’s folder that you want to update. Wherever it says the name of the old project, update it with the new name. There should be at least three files:

  1. [project name] Settings.avs
  2. [project name] Settings.xml
  3. [project name].avp

Where I have [project name] above, update this to the new name. Make sure to leave the _space_ Settings after the new project name for the .avs and .xml files.

Boom! That’s it. That is how to rename a project in Avid Media Composer. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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