Set Default Tracks for New Sequences in Avid Media Composer

Hey there! This tutorial is on how to set the amount of default video and audio tracks are made when you create a new sequence in Avid Media Composer. Let me know what you think! Did you find this helpful?

Recapping Set Default Tracks in Avid Tutorial

The X’s and O’s

To begin, open a bin. Right-click inside the bin and select New Sequence. Give the sequence a name. If you look in the timeline you’ll see the tracks V2, V1, and A1. These are the default tracks for new sequences in Avid Media Composer.

The point of this tutorial is to show you how to change these for every new sequence in the future.

To do this, right-click inside an empty area in the timeline and go to Timeline Settings. Next navigate to the Edit tab in the Timeline Settings. Inside the Edit tab there’s a New Sequences box towards the bottom. Change the video and audio track numbers to whatever you desire. For me I like to do five video tracks and two mono audio tracks. Then click OK.

Go back to your bin and create a new sequence. This new sequence will have the new default tracks set for it.

Why this small editing trick is important

No joke, this is a deep, pro-level trick. It may only save you 10 seconds a day. However I feel that those 10 seconds a day are so important. Those 10 seconds a day that you can save are the driving force behind Edit Video Faster.

If you can save 10 seconds a day using this hack then you save almost a minute a week. If you extrapolate that out of a year you’re at nearly an hour. What about for an entire career? Or what if you couple this with dozens of other tricks that save you 10 seconds a day?

Small adjustments like setting up default tracks in Avid Media Composer for new sequences will make you a faster video editor. Thanks for watching and reading.

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