How to Make a Circle Outline or Hollow Circle in After Effects

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a circle outline in Adobe After Effects. You may also call this a hollow circle or empty circle or circle border or circle stroke in After Effects. Whatever you call it, here’s how to easily create one.

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How to Add Clip to Start of Timeline in Premiere Pro

This tutorial teaches you how to add a clip to the start or beginning of a timeline in Premiere Pro. You’re going to be using an Insert Edit to edit your clip (video, audio, image, etc.) into your sequence. Here’s how:

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Find a Corrupt Clip or Frame Quickly in Avid Media Composer

This article will show you the quickest way to do the guess and check procedure to find a corrupt clip or frame in Avid Media Composer.

To learn the fast method, I’m going to walk you through two other ways you can do this. Skip to #3 if you are in a rush. If you aren’t, it’ll be worth a couple minutes’ time to read through the first two methods described so you can have some background.

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Troubleshooting NLE Issues 101

This won’t render. That won’t import. My media is gone. The producer is losing his effing mind and the video was due three hours ago. You have NLE issues and they need troubleshooting.

We’ve all been there. Every editor faces these gray hair inducing situations every so often. Over my time spent in and out of the edit bay as editor and producer, I’ve learned a couple mostly no-brainer things you should do when you are troubleshooting NLE issues.

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Patching and Auto-Patching in Avid Media Composer

In this tutorial you will learn what patching is and how to use the Auto-Patching feature in Avid Media Composer. Patching is an essential skill for a video editor while Avid Media Composer’s Auto-Patching feature saves you time.

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How to Change Composition Size in After Effects

This tutorial teaches you how to change the size of a composition in After Effects. Compositions, also known as “comps”, in After Effects have a set size when they’re created and here’s how to change it.

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How to Delete Markers in Premiere Pro

This tutorial teaches you how to delete markers in Premiere Pro. You’ll learn how to delete one marker at a time from a clip or sequence and how to delete all markers from a clip or sequence.

I’m a huge fan of markers. I have entire workflows of how I use markers to keep track of revisions and progress in a project. Being able to delete markers in Premiere Pro is just one of the basic things you need to know how to do to be a proficient video editor. Here’s how to do it:

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Solved: Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

This article explains how to fix your Photoshop keyboard shortcuts when they are not working. You’ll learn what and where to check in order to troubleshoot this common PS problem.

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