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Finder and Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts Every Video Editor Needs to Know

The following article discusses Mac OS keyboard shortcuts that every video editor needs to know. These are basic Mac Operating System functions (like tasks in Finder) that us video editors do probably hundreds of times a week. 

When you make some of these everyday actions we do into keyboard shortcuts instead of moving the mouse around and having to click, you shave off seconds per hour, minutes per week, hours per month, and days per year during your editing sessions. These micro time saving tips will ultimately give you more time doing things outside of the edit bay or provide you with more opportunities to edit more videos so you can earn more income.

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Change Color of One Letter in After Effects

This tutorial teaches how to change the color of just one letter or word in a line of text in After Effects.

I show you two ways to change the color of text in After Effects. The first way is for static, one-time change of a color. The second way is to change the color over time (aka keyframing it).

Check out a previous tutorial I made that shows how to do this for an entire line of text here.

Music used in this video, “Upper East Side” by Mikey Geiger, was purchased and licensed through my friends at Soundstripe (affiliate link). For 10% off a subscription use the code EVF at checkout.

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