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This category is about Premiere Pro and contains useful blog posts and tutorials that should help beginner and intermediate users of virtually every version of the software.

Premiere Pro (also known as PPro) is an NLE, or Non-Linear Editor, video editing program. The resources here on the Edit Video Faster website teach PPro basics, keyboard shortcuts, time-saving tips, and expert insights from a freelance video editor and video producer with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Here are some topics in PPro you will learn about on this website:

Finder and Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts Every Video Editor Needs to Know

The following article discusses Mac OS keyboard shortcuts that every video editor needs to know. These are basic Mac Operating System functions (like tasks in Finder) that us video editors do probably hundreds of times a week. 

When you make some of these everyday actions we do into keyboard shortcuts instead of moving the mouse around and having to click, you shave off seconds per hour, minutes per week, hours per month, and days per year during your editing sessions. These micro time saving tips will ultimately give you more time doing things outside of the edit bay or provide you with more opportunities to edit more videos so you can earn more income.

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How to Export an MP3 from Premiere Pro in a Minute

This tutorial will teach you how to export an MP3 from Premiere Pro. An MP3, or .mp3, is a common codec and file extension for digital audio files. Because of their small file sizes, MP3s are generally used in the web delivery of content but they can lack the robust quality an uncompressed WAV file can give you. So depending on what you’re creating you may need to output an .mp3. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to export an MP3 from Premiere Pro in less than a minute.

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How to Export a jpg from Premiere Pro

This tutorial will teach you how to export a .jpg from Premiere Pro. .jpg stands for JPEG and is a common file extension for still graphics.

Exporting a .jpg from Premiere Pro is useful if you need to send a client or director a frame of video. It could be to ask a question like, “Is this the shot you’re talking about?” You can also export a .jpg from Premiere Pro so you can make a custom thumbnail for a YouTube video.

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