Meeting Video Professionals, Building Your Network and Finding Future Gigs

Note: This post isn’t nearly as or LinkedIn-ish as the title might convey. Honestly, I just had no idea what to title it.

I write a list of ideas everyday. Okay, pretty much everyday. The lists are of anything… vacations I want to take, tutorials I should create, tricks I can teach my dog, … you get it. I wrote a list the other day that I want to expand upon and share with you.

The list was titled: Giant list of things you can do to find a job

First, this list isn’t that giant. It’s like 7 ideas. Second, this isn’t a list about getting a job now. It’s more about setting yourself up to find a job in six months. Or a year. Or in five or ten years. It’s also about building a personal and professional network around things you are interested in.

If you are new or trying to establish yourself in the video industry (or any industry) this post is for you. Even if you are already established in the industry I bet there are some ideas you’ll find that you can use to set yourself up better for future endeavors.

Let’s get going!

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