Questions Video Editors Should Ask For New Projects

In this video and article discuss the questions video editors should ask when starting a new project.

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Why Are Video Editors Introverts?

In this video and article I answer the question: Why are most video editors introverts?

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The Ship Muscle

In this video I discuss the Ship Muscle for video editors. Seriously, I went back and forth for a day about whether or not to publish this video because of the graininess. But my own Ship Muscle needed a workout so I hit publish. Apologies if the pixelation is too much — I have some settings to adjust for low-light filming conditions on my phone.

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Can You Be A Video Editor Your Entire Career?

Are you a video editor or thinking about becoming one and are curious if you can be a video editor for your entire career? Is it possible to spend 30-40 years in the edit bay? I discuss my thoughts on this in the video and article below.

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How to Ask a Question to a Video Editor

In this video I discuss how to properly ask a question to a video editor. You will learn how to do this with three simple rules.

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Podcast: Video Editing Under Quarantine

Nick and I are back for the first new Command+Edit Podcast episode in 14 months. We discuss video editing under quarantine, our remote office setups, chasing a baby around while trying to produce videos, Korean zombie shows, and trying to find a silver lining in this whole quarantine mess.

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How to Learn Avid Media Composer

This video discusses how to learn Avid Media Composer the way I did. It’s still the method I recommend today some 11 years later.

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Solved: After Effects Can’t Import JPG

This tutorial shows you what to do if After Effects can’t import a jpg file.

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Pet Peeves for Video Editors

Maybe it’s the over-abundance of projects I’m facing right now, but I feel like I need a good rant session. Here are a handful of things that just drive me crazy when I’m editing. These are my pet peeves for video editors:

When the b-roll shots are too short

I’m okay if they aren’t white balanced or if they’re under/over-exposed. I can work my magic on them. But can’t do anything if there isn’t enough footage.

I can't GIF of Pocahontas jumping off a cliff

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How to Export a jpg from Premiere Pro

This tutorial will teach you how to export a .jpg from Premiere Pro. .jpg stands for JPEG and is a common file extension for still graphics.

Exporting a .jpg from Premiere Pro is useful if you need to send a client or director a frame of video. It could be to ask a question like, “Is this the shot you’re talking about?” You can also export a .jpg from Premiere Pro so you can make a custom thumbnail for a YouTube video.

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