My assistant editor is learning a valuable lesson in her young career. She’s learning that when she’s editing for others, it isn’t necessarily about her sense of creative expression. It’s more about what the producer/client/director wants.

Aside: I’ve started 5 different posts already and hated them all. After the first ~50 words, this one seems right. I have no idea where it’s going to take me and us but I hope you stick around for the ride.

I freewrite for about 10 minutes nearly every afternoon just for myself and I ramble about my successes and shortcomings with this site, my beer site, life, etc. and thought since I’ve had such writer’s block about this post I’d try it out and just write until it’s done. My apologies in advance for fragment sentences and poor grammar. It’s a freewrite! Here we go.

Video editing, like any other kind of commissioned artwork I’m assuming, has this weird blurred line. Is the end result what the creator (in our case the video editor) wants or is the end result what the commissioner (producer/director/boss/client/etc.) of the piece wants?

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