Before we go any further, I know they are now called markers in Media Composer. They are called markers in After Effects too. I don’t know what they’re called in Premiere (I can assume markers) and I have no clue if they even exist in FCPX. I like to call them locators, okay?

In ~2009 I remember repeatedly being told to “digitize” a tape even though the correct term was “capture.” The person was still stuck in his ways and I judged him. In hindsight I was wrong to think so negativity of him. Maybe I’m reaching that point in my life (I don’t think so; I think and hope I’ll always adapt and adopt with ease). Regardless, for today, I call them locators. And they can play a crucial role in post production workflows.

I use them for a variety of reasons but mostly for revisions. In this post I’ll cover what locators are, how I use them in my revision workflow and some tricks when using them.

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