Adjusting Focus

The past few years my focus for Edit Video Faster has been all over the place. To be honest, I haven’t had a clear direction with where I want to take it for as long as I can remember now. It’s just…items on my to-do list that I never get to. It’s something I spend time on every once in awhile instead of playing with my kid or recharging my batteries.

Without a clear objective, what is a project besides flailing in the dark and hoping for some random good outcomes? A camera operator without proper focus leads to worthless shots. Creating content for a business, such as EVF, leads to worthless content.

Sure, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve been able to put out recently. But, honestly, I didn’t know who it was for or why I was doing it.

I’d like to do something about that. Get a little more clarity. More focus.

My son is now over seven months old. OMG the time has flown. Today I was listening to a fatherhood podcast and the guest said something to the effect of, “Before having a child, you’re the star in your own movie. But after having a child, they’re the star in your movie and you’re just a supporting character.” This resonated with me.

I don’t know what my son will do for a career approximately two decades from now. Maybe he’ll be in the video field like his old man. Maybe he’ll be in some industry humans haven’t invented yet. Something I realize, and something that excites me, is that I have a chance to share the bits of knowledge I’ve been able to acquire throughout the years in what I believe has led to a so-far successful career.

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It feels right to use this platform to share those experiences, whether they’re about how to be a great production assistant or how to delete database files in Media Composer, that I feel made me into the person I am today.

Since starting EVF ::checks calendar:: almost SEVEN years ago, I’ve pivoted several times. I can’t promise it won’t pivot again.

My now not-so-recent career change from full-time editor to full-time producer/project manager with some editing sprinkled in has made it extremely difficult for me to create meaningful content around the software tips and tricks I’ve built this website around. I’m just not advancing my skills in them like I’ve done in the past. It only feels natural to now create the majority of my content around these broader video industry career topics.

Maybe this pivot lasts a week. Maybe a month. Or maybe years. I’m really not sure. But I am sure that I’m excited I have a focus again — sharing the knowledge I want to teach to my son about life as a creative professional and how to navigate the waters of the video industry.

I hope you’ll stick around for the journey with me.

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– Josh // Figuring this thing out as I go

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  1. Totally sympathize. I went in the opposite direction–editing when I ran out of money to pay the editor. We look forward to your insights on the challenges of project management, specially budgeting and scheduling. All the best!


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