Change Space Between Lines of Text in After Effects

This tutorial is on how to change the space between lines of text in After Effects. You can watch the video and/or read the written tutorial.

To begin, find the Character Panel in After Effects. If you cannot find it, go under the Window Menu and select Character. It should pop up once you do this.

Set the Leading

With the text layer selected, in the Character Panel find the “Set the Leading” property. To change the space between lines of text in After Effects you need to adjust this property. You can click the little downward triangle to select a preset, click the number that it’s set to and type in a new number, or click the number and while holding the mouse button down drag left or right to change it. Dragging it left will make it a lower number and dragging it right will make it a higher number.

Set the Leading Property in After Effects to change space between lines of text
Arrow pointing to “Set the Leading”

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How to Increase or Decrease the Space Between Lines

By default the number for “Set the Leading” should match your font size (the number to the left in the Character Panel). Sometimes it won’t though. Honestly haven’t figured out why but I’m sure there is a simple explanation. Regardless, if you decrease the number for “Set the Leading” it’ll make the space between your lines of text less, moving them closer together. Inversely, if you increase the number then the lines of text will get farther apart from one another.

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