How to Change Text Font in After Effects

This tutorial is on how to change the font for text in After Effects. It’s super simple to do!

To start, find the Character Panel in After Effects. If you don’t see it, go under the Window Menu and select Character. It should pop up once you do this.

Changing Font Using the Character Panel in After Effects

Select your text layer in your Composition. Then in the Character Panel find the “Set the font family” dropdown. Hint: It’s the very first thing listed. The current font is listed here.

Character Panel in After Effects to Change Font
The arrow is pointing to the font of the text layer that’s selected

Click the little downward triangle to choose another font. Alternatively, click the font name and then you can use the up and down arrow to cycle through different fonts. The text layer will automatically update each time you hit the up or down arrow.

Font Dropdown in After Effects
Select the font you want here.

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To change the font style, such as bold or italics, click the “Set the font style” dropdown that’s beneath the font.

Set the font family in After Effects to change font to bold, italics, etc.
Use this dropdown to make text bold, italics, etc.

You can use the icons at the bottom of the Character Panel to make the following (from left to right):

  • Faux Bold
  • Faux Italic
  • All Caps
  • Small Caps
  • Superscript
  • Subscript

If you do not want to change the font of the entire text layer, just highlight the part that you want to change. Then change the font, font style, color, etc.

And just one last FYI, you can select multiple text layers and change the font as well.

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– Josh

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