Change Volume in After Effects

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This tutorial is on how to change volume levels in After Effects. I’ll also show you how to show the Waveforms, some shortcuts and how to fade audio in and out.

Recapping Tutorial on Changing Volume in After Effects

Show Audio Levels to Change Volume

To change the volume on a clip in After Effects, select the layer in the composition’s timeline. Hit the “L” key to bring up the Audio Levels property.

Where it says +0.00dB, you can click it and drag it to the left to turn it down or drag it to the right to turn the volume up. Alternatively you can click the +0.00dB and type in a value. A layer will only go up to +12.00dB. If you still need your audio louder, just duplicate the layer (select the layer and hit Command+D if you’re on a Mac or Control+D if you’re on a PC).

Show Audio Waveforms in After Effects

To “see” the audio you want to view the Waveforms. When you hit the “L” key the Audio Levels property will appear along with the collapsed Waveform property. Click the triangle next to Waveform to see the waveforms in the timeline. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “LL” (hitting the “L” key twice in a row rapidly) to just show the Waveform property. This will automatically twirl the Waveform property open as well. After you use the “LL” shortcut you can use the “L” key to bring the Audio Levels property back up.

Audio Levels and Waveform Properties in After Effects will Change Volume Levels

Fade Audio In or Out in After Effects

Just like pretty much every other property in After Effects you can keyframe Audio Levels. Click the Stopwatch next the Audio Levels, change the value, move the Time Position Indicator, and change the value again. Repeat as needed!

That’s how to change volume in After Effects. Hope you were able to learn something new!

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