Export Captions to Show on Video in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to export captions to show on a video from Premiere Pro so that the captions appear on the video file.

Export Captions to Display on Video File

In Premiere Pro captions can either be exported as a separate file, such as a .srt file, or can be burned into the video itself so that they always appear when the file is played. To export a .srt file, check out my Transcription and Captioning Basics in PPro tutorial here. To export a video with the captions burned in, keep reading!

Okay. You’re video is ready to be exported. Captions have been created and it’s ready to go. Again, if you need help actually creating the initial captions, see the link in the proceeding paragraph.

Hit Command+M (Mac) or Control+M (Windows) to go to the Export screen in Premiere Pro. Do the usual things — set the file location, file name, encoding preset, etc. like you’d normally do. But then (!!!) find the Captions section of the Export screen. It might be collapsed and you need to twirl it open.

Premiere Pro Export screen with Captions section open and Burn Captions Into Video enabled
Make sure Captions is enabled and Burn Captions Into Video is selected

Next, make sure Captions is enabled by clicking that blue toggle on the top right of this section. It’ll be blue when on. Then in the Export Options section change it to Burn Captions Into Video. Lastly, click Export and you’re done! The captions will now show on the video you exported from Premiere Pro.

Exported video file with captions displaying on it after being exported from Premiere Pro
The captions are burned into this video file

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If you’ve now gone through this tutorial and you still need help, please leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to help troubleshoot it. But if you now can export captions to show on a video from Premiere Pro so that the captions appear on the video file, I hope you stick around and check out some of the other Premiere Pro tutorials on my website or consider signing up to get notified about new blog posts and happenings around EVF.

– Josh

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