Selection Follows Playhead in Premiere Pro Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn what Selection Follows Playhead in Premiere Pro is in order to determine if you want to use it or not.

What is Selection Follows Playhead and is it worth it?

With Selection Follows Playhead in Premiere Pro turned on, when you drag your time position indicator across the timeline, whatever tracks are active will automatically select the clip you are on. This is useful in the fact that the select clip is now active and you can use keyboard shortcuts without having to go click it. And it’s automatically displayed in the Effect Controls panel.

For example, using the image below, V1 is selected and as I scrub through the timeline by dragging the time position indicator (the blue vertical bar) all the clips on V1 get selected when the time position indicator is over it. The clip on A1 is also selected because it’s a linked clip between V1 and A1. As I scrub the next clip get selected and so on.

Premiere Pro timeline with Selection Follows Playhead active while scrubbing

However for me, I’ve found this causes me to make unnecessary mistakes. The auto-selecting of clips is something that completely throws me off. I only like to have a clip selected when I actually select it so I turn Selection Follows Playhead off.

How to Turn Selection Follows Playhead On or Off in PPro

To turn this feature off, or to turn it on if it is off, navigate to the Sequence menu and select Selection Follows Playhead.

Sequence Menu with Selection Follows Playhead highlighted in Premiere Pro to show where to turn it on or off
Select this under the Sequence menu to turn Selection Follows Playhead on or off

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