That time I opened a beer and had a website before I finished it

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One beer and one website later…
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Over the past year I’ve had this urge to create a website dedicated to helping people edit video faster. I’ve spent months planning. I created and recreated mind maps of ideas, topics, courses, products, etc. Started, stopped then started over again only to find myself in the same place – nowhere. All this planning took away from the most important part of all of this – acting. I was stuck. I couldn’t pull the trigger until it was just right. Then over the weekend while I was winding down for the night I reached in the fridge to grab a beer when an idea hit me… why don’t I just start the damn website right now before I’m finished with this beer? I’ll never be able to plan it all out and I already have some idea of what I want to do so why not go for it?

It was midnight after a long week. My wife and dog were sound asleep. All I was going to do is watch part of some bad 90’s action movie on TNT or a standup comedian that isn’t that funny. So I decided right then and there, standing in my dark kitchen, illuminated by the refrigerator light clutching a Heavy Seas Siren Noire in my hands, that I would start this website now.

I poured my beer, moved over to the family room, opened up my laptop and went over to the webhosting company’s website I had decided on (and undecided on then redecided on again) months ago. If my wallet had been on my nightstand where it should have been then I most likely would have chickened out because I probably would have woken up my wife and been guilted into going to bed with a freshly poured beer still downstairs. Maybe it was meant to be. I hadn’t even taken a sip yet and before I knew it the domain was purchased and I was installing WordPress.

That night and the following early mornings and nights since I’ve been tinkering with the themes, layout, structure and everything else that goes along with it. I’m nowhere near done and don’t expect to be anytime soon. This site looks rough right now and I’m okay with that. If I didn’t act the other night then I probably still would be without a site and stuck in the same place I’ve been. I acted, just like you did when you clicked on the link to visit this site. Just like you will do when you use the information I will share on this site to make you a faster video editor. The only reason you should be here is to become better at your craft of video editing (or you’re my mom). I urge you to act with the skills and knowledge you learn here (which will be up shortly if it’s not already). I urge you to act and share your best practices along side myself and help make the video editing community a better place.

I’m here for you. If there’s something you are struggling with in video editing or the industry in general, let me know. This site is to help you. On this site you will find real-life examples of mistakes I’ve made and what I’ve learned from them so you won’t have to do the same. You’ll find helpful resources for your favorite software like Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. I’ll create products and resources like Video Editor Survival Guides or stock graphic elements and footage for you. Anything you need, I’m here for you.

Fellow editors – if you take one thing from this post I hope you take this: Act. Don’t hesitate when there’s something you have to do or it’ll slowly drive you crazy and it’ll become harder and harder to do. Grab a beer and dive in. Have you done anything similar recently? Share in the comments section below. Cheers!

Hey, one more thing! Send this post out to someone who needs to act and make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter at the bottom of this post to stay up-to-date on news and special newsletter-only information. As an FYI, like I mentioned above, I’m still getting this website set up and the same goes for the newsletter so please bear with me while I work out the kinks! This is completely new to me but it’s really exciting and I promise to only deliver top-notch content to you.

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