How to Ask a Question to a Video Editor

In this video I discuss how to properly ask a question to a video editor. You will learn how to do this with three simple rules.

How to ask a Video Editor a Question

Here’s the recap of what I discussed:

Rule #1: Look it up yourself.

At least do a quick Google Search to see if you’re question has been answered. Chances are that five minutes (legit five minutes!) of research should result in an answer. If you can’t find the answer in the plethora of forums, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. then ask away.

Rule #2: Be clear about what you’re asking.

Here’s a handful of example questions that you should answer when asking your question:

  • Mac or PC? Operating System?
  • What software are you using and version number?
  • Has this worked for you in the past?
  • What are you trying to accomplish? (this is a huge one IMO)
  • Send a screenshot or screen recording — I realize this isn’t a question but you get the picture. You might not want to do this at first because I’m not opening up an attachment from a stranger but at least offer it in your initial ask if you’re sending an email. If you can add this to a forum post then absolutely do it.
  • What have you tried already?

Rule #3: Be Patient

Nothing requires another editor to answer your question. We aren’t Avid or Adobe or Apple’s IT Support Team. We’re editors who have had to figure this stuff out just like you are doing right now.

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– Josh

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