Solved: After Effects Can’t Import JPG

This tutorial shows you what to do if After Effects can’t import a jpg file.

Tutorial: After Effects Can’t Import JPG

TL;DR it’s probably set to CMYK. Go into Photoshop. Go to Image ► Mode ► and select RGB Color. Boom!

Check to See if the File is Set to CMYK in Photoshop

You’re in After Effects and the .jpg file won’t open. Open up Photoshop. It doesn’t really matter what version.

From here, check the top-left corner of Photoshop and find the name of the file. After the name of the file check to see if it says “CMYK”. If it does, you’re in business!

How to see if a JPG file is in CMYK in Photoshop
Check to see if it says “CMYK”

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Convert File to RGB

If the file is set to CMKY, go up to Image, find Mode, and click RGB Color.

Menu in Photoshop to show how to change a file to RBG Color from CMKY Color
Go to the Image menu, find Mode, and select RGB Color

Save the file then try to import it into After Effects again. Boom!

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