3D Warp vs. Resize in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial you’ll learn the difference between a 3D Warp Effect and a Resize Effect in Avid Media Composer. We’ll cover what each effect does, how to apply an effect, how to adjust an effect and more.

Recapping the Tutorial

3D Warp and Resize are two common effects used in Avid Media Composer to adjust the size / scale or position of a clip. 3D Warp is by far superior! Let’s breakdown the differences between then.

Applying 3D Warp and Resize

First, find 3D Warp and Resize in the Effect Palette. Open the Effect Palette by hitting Command+8 if you’re on a Mac or Control+8 if you’re on a PC. The Resize Effect is located under the Image folder. The 3D Warp Effect is located under the Blend folder.

Resize Effect in Effect Palatte
3D Warp Effect in Effect Palette

Take the Resize Effect and drop it onto your clip. Do the same with 3D Warp on a different clip. In the video tutorial I place two clips on top of each other. The top clip gets the Resize or 3D Warp Effect and the bottom clip is just a background layer so you can see how this works.

Using 3D Warp and Resize Effects

Next open up the Effect Editor. Click on the clip with the Resize or 3D Warp Effect applied to it if it does not appear automatically.

Resize Effect in Avid's Effect Editor

Now for Resize, change the scaling down to let’s say 70%. Close the Effect Editor and take a look at the clips in the timeline. You’d expect to see the clip underneath the one you scaled down. Hmm… That’s not what Resize does. It’s not intuitive, I know. What Resize does is resizes that clip and everything underneath it.

Let’s try this out with 3D Warp.

3D Warp Effect in Avid's Effect Editor

Now scale the clip with 3D Warp applied down to 70%. Close the Effect Editor and take a look at the clip in the timeline. Now you’re see the clip underneath. Boom!

What 3D Warp can Do that Resize Cannot Do

3D Warp is one of the handful of effects that you absolutely need to know. I’ll even say it’s the #1 effect you need to know. Compared to Resize, 3D Warp can also rotate a clip, add a border, give it a drop shadow, put it into 3D space, and so much more. And it also effects only that clip it’s applied to, not everything underneath it like what Resize does.

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