Corporate Video Editors Don’t Get Enough Love

Video editors in the corporate / business world do not get enough love! There are so many of us out there and we’re under-represented. It feels like most products and services in the video world are geared towards the TV and Film Industry rather than the boatloads of people editing in the corporate / business world.

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Why Corporate Video Editors are Important and Underserved

My theory: There are a lot more video editors working for companies doing business-y and corporate type things than editors in the TV and film space.

This is my assumption. I have no stats on the amount of corporate editors out there. BTW, a corporate video editor, at least to how I understand it, is an editor working for a company that isn’t a post house or advertising agency. What they create doesn’t air on television or in the theaters / Netflix / streaming app of choice.

So these corporate editors, like myself, are creating videos for the company they work for. These could be social media videos (again, not like an ad agency creating videos for a company but like an in-house person/team), videos for a product (like me and the training products I create), videos for internal use at a company (think presentations by the CEO or sales), etc.

The thing that bothers me is that I feel like nearly every. single. product. for video editors is meant for those folks in TV and film. I don’t need explosion and laser VFX in my videos. I need a clean green screen and something to normalize audio between different filming days.

Products, YouTube channels, plug-ins, and SaaS’s (SaaSes?) are all geared towards TV and film. Corporate video editors aren’t seen. Yeah, the BRAAAM horn (link is to YouTube) is fun and all but give me some packages with clean white noise SFX or subtle outdoor ambient sound all day long instead.

TL;DR all these products out there aren’t for what it’s like editing out here in the real world. I hope that corporate video editors know that they’ll always have a home here at EVF.

Are you a corporate video editor? I’d love to hear what you work on below in the comments.

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