Pet Peeves for Video Editors

Maybe it’s the over-abundance of projects I’m facing right now, but I feel like I need a good rant session. Here are a handful of things that just drive me crazy when I’m editing. These are my pet peeves for video editors:

When the b-roll shots are too short

I’m okay if they aren’t white balanced or if they’re under/over-exposed. I can work my magic on them. But can’t do anything if there isn’t enough footage.

I can't GIF of Pocahontas jumping off a cliff

Unrealistic deadlines and constant check-ins

I have a lot of active projects at one time, all the time. However I can only actually work on one project at a time. If I try to work on everything a little at a time then no real progress gets done. Leave me alone. Let me work. You’ll hear from me when I need something or when it’s ready. 

Unlabeled or mislabeled assets

Just name the file what it is supposed to be before sending it over. I’m tired of getting Image1.jpg emailed me to. Or shots labeled F0001, F0002, etc. Log 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 footage 👏🏼.

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Good, Cheap, Fast: They want all three

Listen, I get it. For the videos I produce I want them the best they can be, for the lowest price, in the shortest amount of time. But I know there’s some give and take to this. You gotta be flexible as a client or director.

Just because you’re an editor’s number one client doesn’t give you the right to demand for all three. That’s how you quickly become an editor’s not number one client. This is one of those pet peeves that will drive your video editor crazy.

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Someone using my Avid or Premiere Settings

Seriously. Just switch profiles. In Avid you can do this before even launching a project. In Premiere, why rearrange all the panels when they’re saved to someone’s Workspace?? Just go up to the Windows Menu, create a new Workspace and have at it.

Having a shared editing environment is always a challenge but this is one of the easiest problems you can mitigate by having a small amount of discipline. 

Non-editors giving you specific frame and pixel amounts

“Start this shot 10 frames earlier.”

“Move the logo up 28 pixels.”

Yeah… if you’ve never edited, or it’s been a decade since you’ve touched an NLE, stick with the basics. Most non-editors can’t tell 10 frames from 30 frames. Let alone 2 frames from 4 frames.

Have you ever played the game of not actually changing something, showing the person again, and then they give the thumbs up? Try it. It’s fun.

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Other Pet Peeves for Video Editors

What other pet peeves do you have for video editors? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave them down in the comments. 👇🏼👇🏼

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– Josh

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