Import Image Sequence into Premiere Pro

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This tutorial will teach you how to easily import an image sequence into Premiere Pro.

To make sure you’re in the right place, an image sequence is a bunch of image files — .psd, .jpg, .png, .tif — that are numbered sequentially. They’ll typically be placed inside a folder by themselves as each image in the image sequence equals one frame of video.

The files end in a number and each file in the image sequence is one number higher than the rest. For example, EVF_00000.psdEVF_00001.psd, and EVF_00002.psd. They all combine and act as a video inside Premiere Pro. And what you’re trying to do is import this image sequence into Premiere Pro. Does that sound like what you’re trying to do? Great! Read on.

Getting an Image Sequence into Premiere Pro Through the Import Window

Open the Import window by double-clicking inside a blank area of the Project Panel or using the keyboard shortcut Command+i if you’re on a Mac or Control+i if you’re on Windows.

Import window in Premiere Pro to import an image sequence
Select the first frame in the image sequence then check “Image Sequence” in the Options

In the Import window navigate to the folder containing the image sequence you want to import into Premiere Pro. Select the very first file in the image sequence. At the bottom of the Import window you should see a checkbox that says Image Sequence. Click the box next to it to tell Premiere Pro that this is an image sequence that you want to import.

If you do not see Image Sequence at the bottom of the Import window, click the Options button towards the bottom-left corner. You should see it now.

With the first file in the image sequence selected and the Image Sequence box checked, click Import. You have now successfully imported your image sequence. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Image Sequence in a Premiere Pro timeline

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Stop PPro from Importing Image Sequences

What if you don’t want PPro to import an image sequence? Maybe you have two files next to each other in a folder that end in -01 and -02. If the Import Sequence box is checked on in the Import window and you import the file ending in -01, you’re going to get a two frame long video with frame #1 being file -01 and frame #2 being file -02.

To stop Premiere Pro from importing an image sequence, uncheck that Image Sequence box before you import in the file.

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