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Being the First Person in the Office Every Morning


I’ve been the first one in the office my entire professional career. I don’t believe I am actually a morning person. I know I’m definitely not a night owl. But I somehow made myself into the person that is the first one in the office every single morning. I find it incredibly beneficial and want to share the reasons why with you.

I could write a post and title it, “6 Reasons Being the First One in the Office is the Best Career Move You’ll Ever Make” or something like that. It’d get way more clicks than “Being the First Person in the Office Every Morning.” However I want to provide you value from my experiences and not just regurgitate things you probably already know. In this post I’m going explain why I am the first one in the office and why I believe it’s beneficial.

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Castle Premiere and How a Poorly-Made Montage Can Effect Story

Monday night was the season premiere of Castle. It’s right up there with The Walking Dead for me. They are interchangeable as my #1 and #2 favorite shows. Last night I couldn’t wait for the Season 7 premiere as Season 6 ended in a cliffhanger. After the show I was left questioning how one poorly constructed montage had completely destroyed the credibility of many of the relationships the main character had built with other central characters.

Note #1: This will contain many spoilers.

Note #2: You don’t need to be a fan of the show to read this post. What I’m going to get into will go beyond the reach of the show and I’m merely using it as an example.

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