Export Graphic from Avid Media Composer


The other day a new editor asked me how to export a still graphic, like a .jpg, from Avid Media Composer. By now it’s second nature how to export a graphic in Avid but once I started explaining it I realized there’s a lot more that goes into it than a couple keystrokes and some clicks I no longer have to think about.

Here’s how to export still graphics, like .jpg and .png, from Avid Media Composer:

1.   Selection

First, select the In Point and Out Point around the frame of video you want to export. Then select the track(s). You do not have to select every video track if you don’t want to. If you have your shot on V1 and just select that track and not V2 and V3 where titles and graphics could be, you will only export the shot. If you select all the tracks you’ll get the graphics and titles too.

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