How to Export an MP3 from Premiere Pro in a Minute

This tutorial will teach you how to export an MP3 from Premiere Pro. An MP3, or .mp3, is a common codec and file extension for digital audio files. Because of their small file sizes, MP3s are generally used in the web delivery of content but they can lack the robust quality an uncompressed WAV file can give you. So depending on what you’re creating you may need to output an .mp3. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to export an MP3 from Premiere Pro in less than a minute.

Pick the Area You Want to Export as an MP3

The first step in order to export an MP3 from Premiere Pro is to decide on the area of the sequence (or clip) that you want to export. If you want to export the entire sequence or clip as an MP3, you can skip this step. Once you determine the frame you want the export to start, hit the “i” key to set an in point. Then pick the frame you want the file to end and hit the “o” key to set an out point. You can do this in the Timeline Panel or Program Panel if you’re exporting a full or part of a sequence. Or you can do this in the Source Panel if you want to export an MP3 from a clip.

Premiere Pro Timeline with In and Out Points set for Exporting

Make sure you keep the Timeline/Program Monitor or Source Monitor as the active panel when you do the next step.

Side note: I’m not sure if it’s “an MP3″ or “a MP3″ so stop yelling at me through the computer if I’m not doing it the way you think it should be 🤗

Choose Your Export Settings in Premiere Pro

Next hit Command+M if you’re on a Mac or Control+M if you’re on a PC to bring up Premiere Pro’s Export Settings. Alternatively you can go under File > Export > Media.

Under the Format dropdown, select MP3.

Export Settings in Premiere Pro showing the Format Dropdown so you can select MP3

A couple lines below Format, you’ll see Output Name. Click the blue text to change the name of the file and set the file destination.

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Changing the Output Name in Premiere Pro Export Settings
Export Settings After Changing Output Name

Now, pay close attention! Before hitting Export there’s one more thing you have to do. Under Source Range choose the part you want to export. Sequence In/Out will be the in and out points you set previously if you did this. Entire Sequence is, well, the entire sequence. And Work Area is that area that’s defined by using the Work Area bar at the timeline. If you never touch this, like me, then it’s the entire sequence.

Choosing the area to Export in Premiere Pro

If you’re exporting from the Source Panel then you’ll have options for Entire Clip and Clip In/Out. Same deal as the previous paragraph.

Once you’ve done this you can now hit Export in the Export Settings window.

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Alternative Exports to MP3

If you want to export a different type of audio file than an MP3, Premiere Pro also allows you to export AAC Audio (.aac), AIFF (.aif) and Waveform Audio (.wav). I prefer to use .mp3 when I’m sending something quick to be thumbed up or thumbed down. However when I want to use the audio in another program or for another purpose, I’ll export a WAV file. The .wav will result in a larger file size than the .mp3.

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