This tutorial teaches you how to show used clips (video, audio, music, title, .psd, etc.) in your Premiere Pro project and if so then where to find them in your sequence(s).

Recapping How to Show Used Clips in Premiere Pro

Open up the bin who’s clips you want to see if they’ve been used. In order to do this, first change the bin to icon view. If there’s a gray icon or no icon in the lower right corner of the clip it has not been used. If there’s a blue icon then the clip has been used.

Premiere Pro bin in icon view

Blue icon in the corner means it’s been used. Gray or no icon means it has not been used.

Click on the blue icon to reveal where it has been used. Lastly, click on the selection options that appear and as a result you’ll be taken to that point in the sequence. That’s it! Easy peasy.

Premiere Pro bin clicking blue icon to show where clip has been used

Click on the blue icon to show in what sequence(s) and where it was used.

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“Zipline Zebra” by Mikey Geiger was the music used in this video. It was purchased and licensed through my friends at Soundstripe (affiliate link).

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