Media Composer Keyboard Shortcut Quiz #1

Hey! Just to let you know I’ve made a 2nd and IMO a better overall keyboard shortcut quiz for Media Composer. You can find it here.

Hey there! This is my second product and my first quiz. This is a quiz for Media Composer editors who want to improve their keyboard shortcut skills. It’s a 10-question multiple choose quiz with an answer key.

The quiz is 100% free. Just click Add to Cart. Then click Checkout, enter your email address and click Download files.

If you would like to donate, maybe buy me a beer or something ?, all you have to do is name the price after clicking Add to Cart and you’ll be taken to PayPal. Again, this quiz is 100% free and donating is completely optional.

This quiz is the first of hopefully many more quizzes on Media Composer and post production. I’ll admit that the design is still a bit rough. If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know I like to put something out there then refine it as I go. I think the content is much more important than how it looks — at least for this project at this time. In order to make the next quiz better though I need your help. Send me your feedback on it. How did you like it? Were the questions difficult enough? Was it simple to take? Remember there’s a quiz and an answer sheet (two different PDFs to download).

You can send me your feedback on my contact page. In the subject line please put “MC Quiz 1”. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!

I really hope you enjoy my first quiz. Here’s the link one more time:

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