23 Posts about Video Production, Post Production, Avid and More

23 Posts on Post

I’ve been writing for my friends over at ScreenLight for…well…a long time. It’s been over two years and in the Internet world that’s a really long time. Over that time I’ve been able to stockpile a bunch of writings that I want to share with you today. 23 of them to be exact.

The posts range from Media Composer tips to the Pomodoro Technique for time management to Apps for Editors and so much more. I’ve broken them up into a couple of categories. At the very top are a few of my favorites and ones I think you should definitely read.

My Favorite Posts

The Edit Bay – A Romanticized View of One Editor’s Relationship With Four Walls

Video Editor is Not a Synonym for Motion Graphics Artist

Editor: The Amateur vs. The Professional

How to Setup a Video Company on a Realistic Budget

Avid Media Composer Posts

Customizing Your Avid Media Composer Timeline

Eight Avid Media Composer Default Settings You Must Change Today

Avid Quick Tip: Favorite Bins

Avid Quick Tip: Save Title Without Source

Avid Media Composer Quick Transitions

Avid Quick Tip: Opt/Alt + Z, X or C

Avid Quick Tip: Top and Tail

Start Color Correcting with Avid Media Composer

Post Production Posts

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Gotten About Video Post Production

Success Tips From Five Experienced Video Editors

Finding Help For NLE Errors

Holiday Gifts for Video Editors

Tips to Keep Your Vacation from Becoming a Working Vacation

Simple Backup and Archiving Techniques for Video Editors

Essential Stock Elements for Video Editors (with Free Resources!)

Production Posts

Smartphone Uses and Apps for Any Phase of Video Production

A Video Department of One

Time Management Posts

How ScreenLight Saved a CEO’s Presentation and My Weekend

Using the Pomodoro Technique as a Video Editor

Summing Up

I threw a lot at you today, I know. Take your time. Bookmark this page and work your way through them as you can. It’s a holiday weekend for us in the States so I know you might have some spare time coming up. Get your reading on! And Happy Independence Day!

Alright. Thanks as always for reading, visiting and commenting. Speaking of commenting…Let me know what you think! Which one was your favorite post?? That’s it for me. I’ll see you next week!

PS: Avid Media Composer Editors… have you taken my Keyboard Shortcut Quiz yet?



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