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Tag: media composer title tool

Fix Offline Title in Avid Media Composer — EVF Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to fix an offline title in Avid Media Composer two different ways. If you have a title that is offline, there’s no need to worry. You can fix it in seconds. I show you how in this video.

Music used in this video, “Paper Trail” by Travis Loafman, was purchased and licensed through my friends at Soundstripe (affiliate link). For 10% off a subscription use the code EVF at checkout.

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– Josh

EVF Tutorial – Title Tool Shortcuts in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial is on a few useful shortcuts in Avid Media Composer’s Title Tool.

We’ll cover how to center an object horizontally and vertically, creating a shape, how to change an object’s stacking order and how to add a soft drop shadow.

Let me know if you have any questions on the Title Tool, on Media Composer or anything video or post production-related!

EVF Tutorial – Soft Drop Shadow on Titles in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial is on how to create a soft drop shadow on a title in Avid Media Composer. We’ll go through how to create a title, add a stroke, add a drop shadow, how to soften the drop shadow and how to save the title and insert it into a sequence.

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