The Video Editor’s Digest | Edition #46

Hey there and welcome back to the Video Editor’s Digest! In this edition we cover the Avid / Chrome SIP issue, music visualizer in AE & more.

In case you’re new around here, in the Video Editor’s Digest you get the lowdown on some cool happenings from around the internet on things related to video editing, video production, or just being a creative professional. It also gives me a chance to update you about new pieces on the EVF website and YouTube channel and tell you any freelance, work, or life stories I may have.

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Alright, let’s get into it!

Avid / Chrome SIP Issue Update

Well I think it’s safe to say that most Mac + Media Composer users learned something new this week. I for one, probably like you, had never heard of SIP. But apparently it’s a pretty big deal!

Since my email last Tuesday, it appears that the issue isn’t Avid’s doing but a Chrome issue. However Avid users, specifically ones who have their SIP disabled to install 3rd party plugins, are the ones who discovered it.

If you are a Mac + Media Composer user, please read Scott Simmons’ post on ProVideo Coalition. It has everything you know to know.

The most important thing you can do is go to the Apple in the top left corner of your Mac, go to About This Mac, click System Report, scroll down and select Software, then on the right find System Integrity Protection and make sure it’s Enabled. If it is not, do not turn off your machine and follow the instructions in the links provided in Scott’s article.

One last thing to mention is Avid, as usual, went above and beyond to help out their customers. Even though it wasn’t their fault, they still provided an unheard of level of support for their users. Kudos to them. I personally don’t think some of the other NLE companies would have done this to Avid’s level. One thing I love about Avid is that it feels like they’re real people who care.

New around here? Check out the Edit Video Faster Archives to see everything on the site.

Background Noise While You Work

Listening to regular music with lyrics or podcasts is darn near impossible to do while editing. Sure, you can do it while laying down a rough cut or labeling footage. But anytime you are actually “editing” you need to be distraction-free.

I recently stumbled upon A Soft Murmur. It’s a simple, free background noise generator. This is so my headphones aren’t just sitting there silently on my head. It drives me crazy to wear them when nothing is playing. Cue, A Soft Murmur. I can pump in some light background noise to keep me sane while limiting the distraction that music can cause. I usually listen to a mix of thunder and crickets when editing and coffee shop while writing.

Am I the only one who hates wearing headphones while nothing is playing? It can’t just be me, right??

After Effects Music Visualizer Tutorial

When I can listen to music while editing, I typically pop open YouTube and listen to weird mixture of EDM and emo or sometimes the combination of the two. Seriously, what do you classify someone like EDEN?

Anyway, a lot of these YouTube videos use an audio visualizer for the video while the song plays. I always figured there was an easy way to this but never realized it was so simple until I came across Adobe in a Minute’s new tutorial.

Adobe in a Minute shows you how to do this in After Effects in less than 4 minutes. Watch the tutorial here (link is to YouTube = autoplays).

What’s New Around EVF

My freelance moratorium is still in effect. And all hopes of working on new content for the EVF site have been demolished as my kid started daycare this week making my typical hour-long commute home into an hour and 40 minutes. Yep, fun times! As my schedule continues to adjust I know I’ll have to find a new time to work on EVF. I will. Since having a baby I’ve learned that you just have to roll with the punches and know that the baby and the baby’s schedule comes first. Always.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re doing well and have a fantastic week. See you for a new Video Editor’s Digest next week!

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– Josh

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