A Few Updates!


Hey! I just wanted to give you a couple updates on what’s going on here at EVF.

First off, I’m about to be busier than ever. I’m shooting every weekday until… August 29th. Yep. The rest of the month. I’ll be shooting in four different cities and on top of that I’ll have to be editing a lot of what I shoot at night.

I can’t tell if all this is coming at a good time or not. I would like to get my mind off things but at the same time want to be around for everyone. Over the past month I have lost two people very close to me, one very unexpectedly. Myself, my friends and my family have been weathering the storm admirably and I’m extremely proud of them, proud to be part of my circle of friends and proud to be a Short.

Nick and I are still rocking and rolling with Command+Edit. If you’ve never listened to us before I highly recommend episodes 8 and 11. Nick and I are trying to squeeze in a recording today for a new episode next Monday and if it doesn’t happen it’s 100% my fault!

I try really hard to get a new post and/or tutorial up every week. For the most part I’ve succeeded over the past year. One thing I haven’t succeeded on is creating things for you. Things like templates, quizzes, eBooks, products, guides, courses, etc. I have my Introduction to Video Editing in Avid Media Composer course on Tuts+ and I’m working on another course for them as we speak. But I really want a course of my own here on EVF. It doesn’t have to be large – in fact I’d rather it be small and very niche. I decided over the next couple of weeks to devote the time I would have spent writing posts and/or creating tutorials to building this course. I’m still nailing down what it will be but it will be about some feature in Avid Media Composer.

TL;DR You might not see as much activity on this site over the next few weeks because I’m off running around the East Coast shooting videos and creating a course for you.

Hope you’re doing well. I will always have time for you. Give me a shout if you want to talk or have any questions about video editing, Media Composer, life or anything.

– Josh

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