The Video Editor’s Digest | Edition #38

Hey there and welcome back to the Video Editor’s Digest!

In case you’re new around here, in the Video Editor’s Digest you get the lowdown on some cool happenings from around the internet on things related to video editing, video production, or just being a creative professional. It also gives me a chance to update you about new pieces on the EVF website and YouTube channel and tell you any freelance, work, or life stories I may have.

If you have a resource of your own or one you stumble across that you want to share in a future Video Editor’s Digest, you can submit it here.

Alright, let’s get into it!

Quick Tip!

In just about any application or program where you can type text, hold the Opt (Mac) | Alt (PC) key and hit the left and right arrows to jump the cursor between words. Add Shift, so Opt+Shift+Left/Right Arrows (Mac) | Alt+Shift+Left/Right Arrows (PC) to highlight words instead of jumping between words.

Add Fades to Multiple Clips in Adobe Audition

As a fan of quick tutorials, I deeply appreciate Mike Russell’s newest tutorial on how to add fades to multiple clips at the same time in Adobe Audition.

TL;DR highlight both clips and grab the triangle in the top corner of one clip and pull it in. It’s much easier to see it in action though so spend the minute and 47 seconds and watch it. Mike also shows a couple other variations and tricks for doing this.

Check out Mike’s tutorial here (link is to YouTube = autoplays)

Kyoto Animation Arson

There’s terrible news out of Japan this week. An arson attack on Kyoto Animation, an anime studio located in Kyoto, resulted in the deaths of 34 individuals. The studio was attacked by a man accusing the studio of plagiarizing his novel on Thursday morning.

I can’t imagine how horrifying this must have been and feel for the workers and their families involved in the attack.

BBC, Anime News Network, and Cartoon Brew all have articles that can explain what happened and Kyoto Animation’s importance to the anime world better than I can.

Avid Connect Live: Nashville

Last week Avid Technology, parent company of Media Composer and Pro Tools, hosted Avid Connect Live in Nashville. Being it was in Nashville, most of the big news coming out of the event was focused around Avid’s products and services for audio professionals. If you’re a Pro Tools user or music creator you want to check out this presentation. (link is to YouTube = autoplays)

Avid announced their new Avid S1 mixer, the beefy Avid S4 mixer, and AvidPlay on Avid Link for music distribution. Check out more presentations and panels from the event here.

One day I’ll make it out to one of these Avid events…

What’s New Around EVF

My little guy is struggling to stay asleep swaddled up in his Snuggle Me next to me on the couch but we’re managing! We’ve had two good nights in a row which means we’re due for a rough one soon. That’s how that works, right?

I can’t stress enough how much I’ve enjoyed my time at home with him over the past few weeks. This week was my first real week back in the office. It was rough — I’m so wiped out once I get home. But, like everything else recently, we’re adjusting and adapting. I’m sure it’ll get easier… 

The freelance work moratorium is still in effect. August is quickly approaching and I feel like I still might need a couple more weeks. Maybe September instead?? 🙃

That’s all I have for now. Hope you found the resources above helpful. We’re starting to get into a roll with these so fingers crossed I can keep our weekly streak alive and deliver you a new Video Editor’s Digest next week!

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– Josh

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