Show Used Clips In Premiere Pro

This tutorial teaches you how to show used clips (video, audio, music, title, .psd, etc.) in your Premiere Pro project and if so then where to find them in your sequence(s). Recapping How to Show Used Clips in Premiere Pro Open up the bin who’s clips you want to see if they’ve been used. In … Read more

Add Edit in Premiere Pro

This tutorial is on how to perform an Add Edit, or split a clip, in Premiere Pro similar to how you would in Avid Media Composer.

Premiere Pro Tips That’ll Save You Hours — Podcast

This episode of the Command+Edit Podcast gives you a ton of useful, time-saving Premiere Pro tips that you may never have heard before.

I Got A New Job!

It’s been awhile since I’ve truly written something for EVF. Actually it’s been awhile since I’ve written much of anything. My writing muscle was burnt out after letting my former daily blog expire and disappear into a digital black hole back in August. Two years of writing and publishing everyday… Fast forward a quarter of … Read more

April Update for EVF

It’s been awhile since I’ve just sat down and written. I’m through with my third cup of bad Keurig coffee, this export from Media Composer has another 20 minutes and a blank page is in front of me so why not give this a shot? I’ve been “gone” from Edit Video Faster officially since February … Read more

First Impressions of Premiere Pro

In this article I give you my first impressions of using Premiere Pro for two weeks comparing it to Media Composer after many years of only using it.