Finishing Strong to Start Stronger

There are 10,000 posts like “The Top-8 Ways to Tackle Your New Year’s Resolutions” streaming through your social media timelines and inboxes right now. This post is not one of them. This short post is to tell you that you can do whatever you want to do and give you a quick tip on succeeding in whatever goals you have whenever you have them.

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End of 2014 Challenge

End of 2014 Challenge Are you in?
End of 2014 Challenge
Are you in?

Without fail the last two weeks of every year can be called the most anti-personal-and/or-work-related productivity period of the year.

Nothing gets done.



At least nothing of any importance gets done towards your personal and/or professional goals.

Clients don’t respond. Producers go on vacation. It snows. Your in-laws stay at your house. You don’t want to workout because you’re waiting for January 1st. You are overburdened with last minute shopping and wrapping presents after one too many drinks.

I have a feeling that you’d rather use these two weeks to get something big finished instead. Maybe it’s something that’s been bugging you all year that you just didn’t get around to. Did you want to edit a family vacation video? Or write a short book? Start a website? Deep clean the garage? Why are we going to wait any longer to do these things when the opportunity is right in front of us?

I have a challenge for you. Let’s call it the End of 2014 Challenge. Together let’s take the next two weeks and complete one of these projects.

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