Small Business Tactics for Editors: An Interview with Editor Rachel Bastarache Bogan — Command+Edit Podcast Episode 80

Hey there! Rachel Bastarache Bogan is the owner of Renegade Digital Post — a video editing company providing Hollywood-caliber services to filmmakers and content producers outside of Hollywood. In this interview, Nick and I find out Rachel’s strategies for working with new clients, how she finds clients not only locally but across the globe, and … Read more

The Office Life — Command+Edit Podcast Episode 78

  Hey there! Nick and I are back together for a conversation about the differences, pros, cons, productivity levels, emotions, etc. between editing from a conventional office and your home office. We also catch up and recap my recent trip up to Toronto to visit Nick and meet him IRL for the first time. Hope … Read more

May 2017 | EVF Recap

I took this picture of my dog the other day. It appears though that she stole my phone and took a selfie. I swear the world would be a better place if dogs could use phones and we could text our dogs while we were out of the home. It was the last day in … Read more

April Update for EVF

It’s been awhile since I’ve just sat down and written. I’m through with my third cup of bad Keurig coffee, this export from Media Composer has another 20 minutes and a blank page is in front of me so why not give this a shot? I’ve been “gone” from Edit Video Faster officially since February … Read more

Equipment You Need to be a Freelance Video Editor

This article walks you through all the equipment you need to be a freelance video editor. The equipment you need does not need to be expensive. Learn here!

Ways to Gain Confidence as a Video Editor

Hey there! In this vlog I talk about 3 ways to gain confidence as a video editor. Do you have any ideas of ways to gain confidence as a video editor? Leave me your thoughts below! – Josh

8 Lessons from 12 Weeks of Freelancing

Today begins my by 13th week of freelancing. I’m (verrrrrry) far from saying I’m comfortable. However I’ve never been happier with my employment situation or made more money than I am at this very moment. I’ve also never had this much uncertainty on where I’m finding my paycheck each week or never worked so hard. … Read more

Over the Editor’s Shoulder Part I


Hey there! I started a new freelance video editing project this week. I feel like it’d be a fun exercise to document my journey through it. You’ll get to see my workflow for a freelance video editing project from beginning to end. Hopefully you can pickup some useful tips based on things I do. By doing this we will get to see my workflow and by stepping back and looking at it we can see where I excelled and where I could have done better. And most importantly it will keep me accountable to stay on track with it.

Want to join me on this journey?

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