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Keyboard Shortcuts Exam Pre-Sale!

Mastering Media Composers Keyboard Shortcuts – Exam

Please note the pre-sale is now over. Please visit this page for more information on the exam.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been creating a bunch of lessons about Media Composer’s keyboard shortcuts and their related functions. This is because I want you to become a keyboard shortcut master. If you know the keyboard shortcuts and understand their functions, you’ll be a faster video editor. That means you finish projects sooner, get paid faster and make your bosses and clients happier.

When I was learning Media Composer I wish I had a way to check my progress. I didn’t. I didn’t have a teacher. I couldn’t afford a class. There were no lessons to follow. I just plugged away each day, screwing up and knocking clips out of sync, until I eventually got to a place where I believed, “I think I finally understand all this.” Not knowing your skill level is rough, especially if you’re new to an industry or software. You don’t have to go through that pain and mystery like I did.

I’m in the process of creating an exam to solve this very issue. It will be a simple, convenient and affordable way to test your abilities with Media Composer’s keyboard shortcuts.

The exam will be launching February 13th (my birthday!). It will take place here on EVF. If you’ve taken any of my free Media Composer quizzes the format will be familiar. Please take a crack at a quiz so you know what to expect for the exam.

The multiple-choice exam will cover everything in the Mastering Avid Media Composer’s Keyboard Shortcuts lessons. There will be two more lessons released before February 13th. To do well on the exam you need to know what the keyboard shortcuts are and how their associated functions work.

Before we go any further, please remember that I have no affiliation with Avid. I’ve written for their blog before but that is it. They do not compensate me and this exam is purely based on my experience with Media Composer. Cool?

Your results, if you choose, will be displayed on the leaderboard. On the leaderboard you’ll have the opportunity to link to your website, demo reel or piece of work you’ve done. The leaderboard will be in order by score then by date. The first person that gets 70 out of 70 will be at the top of the leaderboard permanently. So that means if you want to be near the top you better 1) study the lessons and 2) take the exam before others do.

The exam will cost $35. I want anyone attempting the exam to take it seriously. I want you to study and master the keyboard shortcuts. If you study the shortcuts, take the exam and feel that it wasn’t what you expected and you now hate me and feel wronged, I’m happy to issue a refund. I’m positive that will not happen though.

Once you purchase the exam you’ll download a document with instructions that will direct you to the exam and the password to access it. Go to the page, enter the password, enter your first and last name and your email address. This email address is how I will contact you about the leaderboard. Take the exam. Get a great score because you studied and relish in the fact that you’re a keyboard shortcut master.

If you are not pleased with your score you have one week to retake the exam.

A few days following your completion of the exam I will email you to get the link to your website, demo reel or piece of work you want associated with your name on the leaderboard. If you do not want to be on the leaderboard you can opt out; just let me know! I will be emailing you from

Okay, one last thing.

The exam will go live on Saturday February 13th. It will be $35. I am doing a special introductory offer of $15 if you purchase before Friday January 22nd, 2016 11:59 EST. The price will never be this low again.

To get this deal click the “Buy Now” button below. You can use PayPal or a credit card. After that you will be prompted to download a document with instructions. Please email me at (this is reiterated in the document) saying you’re part of the pre-sale for the exam! I should get your email address when you make the purchase but I want to make 100% sure I have it to send you access to the exam once it is launched. Once it’s launched I’ll send you the link to the exam with your password.

If you’ve been around here on EVF for a while you know that I’m completely honest with you. I believe this exam is a fantastic way to test your Media Composer chops. It’s something that I wish I had years ago and that’s why I’ve created it for you.

If you have any questions whatsoever email me or use my contact page. But remember you have until January 22nd, 2016 to get the exam for only $15, more than 55% off.

Please note the pre-sale is now over. Please visit this page for more information on the exam.


23 Posts about Video Production, Post Production, Avid and More

23 Posts on Post

I’ve been writing for my friends over at ScreenLight for…well…a long time. It’s been over two years and in the Internet world that’s a really long time. Over that time I’ve been able to stockpile a bunch of writings that I want to share with you today. 23 of them to be exact.

The posts range from Media Composer tips to the Pomodoro Technique for time management to Apps for Editors and so much more. I’ve broken them up into a couple of categories. At the very top are a few of my favorites and ones I think you should definitely read.

My Favorite Posts

The Edit Bay – A Romanticized View of One Editor’s Relationship With Four Walls

Video Editor is Not a Synonym for Motion Graphics Artist

Editor: The Amateur vs. The Professional

How to Setup a Video Company on a Realistic Budget

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Over the Editor’s Shoulder: Part IV


This is Part IV and the final chapter in a series called Over the Editor’s Shoulder where I document my daily progress on a freelance editing project I’m working on. I chronicle what I do in the edit bay, what I learn, my struggles, failures, successes and more.

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One-On-One Video Editing Coaching


I want to make you a better video editor. That’s what I’ve been doing through my site, YouTube channel and other avenues for the past year. Pretty much this entire time I’ve been helping a faceless audience. I’ve been guessing at what you want to learn and hoping I’m using something relatable to be able to teach you. I know it’s working for a lot of you (I love the thank you emails I get!). However a lot of the time I still don’t know what you are struggling with. You, the one reading my words right now, I want to help you. That’s why I want to be your coach.

Recently I’ve had a huge problem. I have had several requests come in for complex custom tutorials that can’t be reused for everyone. I want to help these individuals out but I have such limited time after my 9-5, creating content for this site, walking Peyton, another new secret project I’m announcing soon (!!!) and trying to have something close to a social life. I have two options. I can:

  1. Spend several hours creating these custom tutorials, which results in lost time either with my family or creating content for this site or
  2. I can keep my family time and EVF content creation time but not be able to help these individuals in the way that they want/need help since email and screen shots aren’t enough sometimes.

Neither option works for me.

I cannot justify helping one individual person at the expense of not being able to create content for this site (and thus helping many). It isn’t fair to everyone else…that means you! My family time will always come first and with my limited free time I need some grounds for cutting out on one of them. That justification comes in the form of private, one-on-one premium coaching.

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Every Safari Keyboard Shortcut I Know

safari keyboard shortcuts blog title

This article shares with you every Safari keyboard shortcut I know. I love keyboard shortcuts. Somewhere between 4% and 14% of all browser usage is through Safari. I’m in the small minority of the world that uses it as their main browser. However I absolutely love Safari’s bookmarks bar and reading list features. I love how they both transfer over automatically to my iPhone too. So that’s why we’re here today.

I believe in learning shortcuts not only in your NLE but also in every program you use. I bet you probably spend as much time clicking around the web as you do editing (you’re reading this right now, right??). So why not get faster with your browsing skills?

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Being the First Person in the Office Every Morning


I’ve been the first one in the office my entire professional career. I don’t believe I am actually a morning person. I know I’m definitely not a night owl. But I somehow made myself into the person that is the first one in the office every single morning. I find it incredibly beneficial and want to share the reasons why with you.

I could write a post and title it, “6 Reasons Being the First One in the Office is the Best Career Move You’ll Ever Make” or something like that. It’d get way more clicks than “Being the First Person in the Office Every Morning.” However I want to provide you value from my experiences and not just regurgitate things you probably already know. In this post I’m going explain why I am the first one in the office and why I believe it’s beneficial.

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